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Square Dunnage Bags


Square airbags were designed to serve function of bracing products with a void space greater than 12 inches wide which cannot be filled with standard oval shaped dunnage bags. They are reusable and rated at Level 1.

The square shape covers a larger void width and reduces the need to use other types of auxiliary materials to brace your loads .

If you are currently using multiple dunnage products to fill large voids in your cargo, you may be able to replace these products with just one square dunnage bag.

These bags inflate into a cubic shape instead of the typical oval shape of dunnage bags. The cubic shape of the bag allows it to cover more surface area on the product in large voids, compared to standard bags.

Made with PP Woven moisture resistant fabric and a very durable outer shell.

We carry small square bags for voids up to 17 inches and large square bags for voids up to 24 inches, both available in several different sizes. Please contact us for your specific needs.

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